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Hi there! after some busy weeks I can finally write something here :)

Let's see some of the most important news since aprox... omg! two months ago!

  • The phone UI now has a new button called suggestions which shows you some names from the phonebook to call directly.
  • Emtooth2 can manage offline devices as of rev152. Apart from that, GUI has been improved and it now uses pages and inwinws instead of opening new wins. (Not yet in OE nor in SHR official repos, but you can build rev152 yourself).

  • Plugins have been splited into different packages in OE, so people won't get parts which are not necessary for their devices.
  • Fsodeviced alsa routing bug fixed (the bug made fsodeviced segfault when the SHR phoneui volume control was slided during calls) (By mrmoku and GNUtoo).

HTC Dream: (by GNUtoo)
  • DPI was added to xorg.conf in OE.
  • gtkrc was corrected.

Palm Pre:
  • Switched to mplayer 1.0rc2 as newer version causes the device to freeze.
  • As our new internal PPP stack now finally works, morphis started to write a plugin for connman.

Nokia n900:
  • FSO modem plugin can now register to the network (thanks to GNUtoo and mrmoku).
  • GPRS is working on the n900!
  • Camera is now documented on the install page (by GNUtoo)
  • Audio calls work, but it must be rewriten to get better audio quality (By GNUtoo,mickeyl,DocScrutinizer

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