SHR Theme Contest

After the huge success of the previous contest (SHR Logo Contest, ) we decided to let the community help with the themes as well.
We discovered many talented community members (in the meanwhile we already started using the logo in several places, and Slyon started using it in his amazingly beautiful shr-today theme), that can probably make an amazing theme for SHR.
ATM we work with a default ugly theme and with a couple of community generated themes (gry/niebiee/more...) but each one of them has it's own flaws and none of them was made "in the spirit of our new logo".

We'd really like to see great contributions like we saw in the last contest, and like before your submission/vote will probably shape the new face of SHR.

You have to make themes for elementary and e-wm/illume but adding gtk+ and icon sets will give you a bonus, as it's more likely that people will vote for a theme that makes SHR consistent, than for a partial theme.

  1. The theme should be finger friendly (if the theme you create affects sizing and behavior, like for instance gtk+ themes)
  2. The theme should look good :)
  3. The theme should be consistent.
  4. The theme should not break usability.
  5. The theme should not be slow.
NOTICE: many themes previously created for the moko were designed for X11-16bit engine, though since raster said X11-16 is broken and should not be used, you do *not* have to make your theme look nice with that, although that's a bonus.

Like in the logo contest, the submissions will be gathered in the contest's wiki page.
When adding a new submission please provide the following details:
Name of the theme, name of the creator, license (or state you let us choose the license for you), a link to the theme, pictures of the theme and maybe a short description.
Please make sure you leave enough space between your entry and the others, so voters won't get confused.

That's about it, go ahead. We will accept submissions until: 30/11/09 at 19:00pm UTC.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Useful links:
The SHR theme repositories (for templates and examples):;a=tree;h=refs/heads/master;hb=master
The contest's wiki page:

Have fun.

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No idea ;) I think all the candidates have some improvements to do before their final submission anyway :)

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