FSOSHRUDCON'09: a bit late, but still

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Hi everyone,

Here's a follow-up about FSOSHRUDCON'09. As Daniel Willman told on his weblog, this was really a great event. We were plenty of eager enthusiasts, all working together in order to go towards a truly free & open phone, based on viable middleware, as well as on usable distributions fit for every use.

There was lots of talks, among which technical as well as organisational pieces, lots of coding, which I hope you'll be able to see the results of soon, and I can, without a doubt, be sure that everybody was happy about the way it went, as it allowed everyone there to meet with people sharing the same intents towards what we're doing right now. We may disagree on some stuff, but in the end, we all know that we want to be able to have a phone usable with a free software stack.

In the next few days we'll put online edited video versions of the talks, and as much written material as possible. For starters, I'll put mine online, and I hope you'll be able to comment and/or mail if you have any question :-)

You'll find this material here.
Meanwhile, just have a look at our ugly faces :-). Other pictures can be found there, thanks to Daniel Willman.


In the end, for all of you who were there, it was a real pleasure to meet you. For all of you who weren't able to make it, I hope we'll see each other in the future as I'm sure there's a bright future ahead for what we do. Please focus guys, and let us keep walking along this path! :-)

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