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I just added mokomaze 0.2.3 to the SHR feed. It needed some adaptation from the debian version (different categories in the .desktop file, different font path), but worked nicely otherwise. I also included the SHR specific patch to avoid the dimming/suspending while the game runs.

If you don't know mokomaze, give it a try by installing it (opkg install mokomaze). It is the adaptation of the classical game where you steer a steel ball through a labyrinth and avoid the holes. It is a great demonstration of the accelerometers and uses the vibrator too.

I would even love to include mokomaze in the full (unstable) image by default, but that is contingent on some feedback from the community. Should this app waste precious screen space (and disk space) on your phones? Let us know!


P.S. Yes, I am aware that mokomaze 0.5.0 was released recently, but so far it refuses to build due to an additional dependency and this will require major updating of the SHR toolchain
P.P.S. Build recipe for openembedded and added patches are here.

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Absolutely great!

It's awesome to see a program on the Freerunner that responds so quickly and smoothly.


I've installed mokomaze 0.5.1 on SHR. Works nicely! I really would love to see this in SHR.


not in testing ?

Definitely include Mokomaze in the default image! What is the use of buying a phone with double accelerometers when you can't even use them?

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