SHR is running on ETEN M800

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The ETEN M800 is the next phone after GTA01 and GTA02 which runs the SHR distribution. Currently the whole thing is not in a very usable state. Touchscreen is not working right and many hardware things are missing or not running at the moment like the UMTS modem. But it is a first step to run a full featured linux distribution on top of the M800.
The kernel for the M800 is developed by the Gnufiish project which aims to provide a full featured kernel for the M800 and maybe for other phones of the Glofiish series.

You find the current image and kernel on the buildhost. If you have a M800 try it (you get more details how to run Linux on the M800 in the Gnufiish wiki) and report bugs or try to fix them and submit patches for the kernel and as well for SHR :)

And now a screenshot to show that SHR is really running on the M800:

Thumbnail image for shr-eten-m800-02.png

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Hello where can i get help to test shr on the m800? I know that this is the wrong place, but: kernel boots filesystem mounts, and the last thing diplayed is the loading of bluetooth thing. nothing more happens then?
what to do?

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