Release time is close. What's left? What are we doing? What do we need?

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Hey SHR Users!

First of all, happy new year to everyone. These days have been tough for lots of people, it's apparently hard to develop software on a near-exploding belly. Nonetheless, we have candy for you, as you'll see here.

Thanks to bumbl for his help in this entry, and for his picture ;-).

Domain Name

Among the useless stuff some of us did during the holidays, buying a domain name was one of them. Even though Bearstech (praised be their name) are kindly hosting us, they suggested we buy a domain name for our visibility, and in order to have more simple URLs. So your favourite information will be accessible here:

SHR Settings

Per Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (dos), shr-settings is a modular python-elementary software to control hardware through frameworkd of your SHR based phone. Users will be able to turn on/off radios, set or synchronize time, connect to another GSM carrier, WiFi network or Bluetooth device, etc. Developers can easily write their own python modules, which will be loaded and used in the settings window.

You can meet developers of shr-settings on or #openmoko-cdevel on freenode. Right now project is mainly developed by Openmoko community in Poland The code is located on the SHR git (

Release Date / Testing Feature Freeze

The release (our first, tiny baby) is coming. You may have heard that a lot the past few months, but it's true this time (well, at least we hope!).
In Testing, we're going to freeze features, and focus on fixing the last remaining bugs to milestone.
Some of them imply working on e, especially to build a working illume environment (latest revision we used was borking on the dictionnary level, but locales were properly handled).
Some of them are related to our UI, there are still mistakes waiting to be fixed, but there are less and less of them everyday.

Things to do in the future

Everyone knows today that we are eagerly waiting for opimd. We need a way to store PIM entries, and this is currently, in the eyes of the team, the major show stopper on frameworkd (FSO) based distributions.
That's why as soon as opimd hits the ground, it'll be our first priority to do what's necessary to use it. We are also studying a temporary replacement solution based on some work by raster.

We also need a good and reliable settings application, and SHR Settings is currently looking fairly good. Hopefully it'll do more and more stuff in the days to come.

As ever, we'd like to demonstrate the modularity of our architecture by being able to show another UI library, based on the old 2007.2 GTK UI. We still need developers to do that, so if you're a GTK zealot, and eager to show your skills, please mail us!

Last but not least, we are seriously thinking, as soon as the first release will hit the ground, to develop software for products other than the OpenMoko devices. FSO is a transversal initiative, and there was some talks about being able to produce a full and working distro for, say, the HTC Universal. This won't distract us from our first priority, don't worry: testing on OM devices :-)

Team Organization
The SHR team is fast growing - if you want to become a part of it
there are several different contact persons and areas in which you can participate.
Ainulindale: Responsible for the infrastructure/architecture, bitbake recipes, and lots of code all around the SHR project
quickdev: Responsible for the infrastructure, developing the EFL UI at the moment, and lots of code related to FSO handling
mrmoku: Responsible for the infrastructure, bitbake and some code around the project (e.g. he ported the fastboot patches for SHR)
TAsn: The man behind pyphonelog
Hire: Our Italian friend who did the SHR artwork
The guys from (dos, hiciu, yoyo): SHR settings
We won't forget contributions from mywave, ptitjes, dolf, around many areas of the project.

A special thanks to all the testers/ticket reports, who help us a lot. Special thanks too to Bobby Martin and Mike Westerhof for their whining :-)
Developers are needed in all areas
If you have an app which you like to add to SHR/the SHR repository or if you'd like git access to help us developing software ask Ainulindale or quickdev

We also need bug-wranglers. As more and more tickets are created, we need some people to help us follow and answer to tickets.
Testing squad
If you want to become part of the testing squad just join #openmoko-cdevel on freenode and volunteer

And don't forget:


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